UNC Asheville Students Cara Forbes and Tim Hussey selected as NASPA Undergraduate Fellows


UNC Asheville students Tim Hussey and Cara Forbes have been selected to participate in the Cara Forbes. Photo by Sarah Carballo '17. NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, a highly esteemed program providing opportunities for scholarships, on-campus mentorship, and professional development events. NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) created the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) in an effort to recruit undergraduate students from underrepresented populations into the student affairs preparation pipeline.

“From this program, I hope to gain experience working in higher education as well as being able to learn from both new and seasoned professionals within the field,” says senior psychology and sociology major and student body president Tim Hussey. Hussey plans on pursuing student affairs as a career, and applied for the program because he felt that “this would be a great way to gain insight into what that work will look like.”

Senior literature major Cara Forbes has been involved with NASPA since 2016. Before she was selected as a NUFP Fellow, she was already a mentee in NASPA’s Women’s Candid Conversations 365 program, which connected her with mentors from both Miami State University and York Technical Community College. “My hope for my time in the program will be for me to get more of a feel for the type of work I can expect to do in a graduate school program,” said Forbes.

Tim Hussey“I have to say, my favorite thing about this program is far from what I expected it to be,” said Forbes. “I didn't foresee myself being influenced so much by the other fellows in the program who are from all over the country. I've messaged a few fellows back and forth and feel so excited to form relationships with people who share the same passions and goals that I do. It's amazing to think that I was selected to be a part of this program along with people like Tim who are so driven, intelligent, focused, and amiable. It's giving me a boost in my confidence.”

For more information on NASPA, visit www.naspa.org. For more information on UNC Asheville Student Affairs, visit studentaffairs.unca.edu.