UNC Asheville Offers SAT Prep Express Course in July


This summer, UNC Asheville is offering the SAT Prep Express, an intensive, weeklong version of UNC Asheville’s SAT Prep course. SAT Prep Express will be July 24-28, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on the UNC Asheville campus, and will include a full-length practice exam.

SAT Prep Express is taught by two experienced instructors (one for the math section and one for the verbal section), and covers all aspects of the SAT, including verbal ability and mathematical competence, as well as test-taking techniques, time-saving methods and logical reasoning. Past exams and simulated materials are used to teach question types and strategies. 

The cost for SAT Prep Express is $345 which includes all study materials. For more information or to register, visit unca.edu/testprep or call 828.250.2353.