• At Home for the Holidays with Bulldog Basketball Post date: Friday, December 19 Kimmel Arena

    All is quiet on the UNC Asheville campus during winter break. Except in Kimmel Arena.

    Home games will bring fans to Kimmel for Bulldog men’s and women’s basketball games during the break. And in between games, players will gather at Kimmel for practice, not just to improve their skills, but to be with their college family.

  • December 2014 Commencement – 257 Graduates Receive Diplomas in Kimmel Arena Post date: Friday, December 12 Graduate shakes hand with professor

    With family and loved ones looking on, the December 2014 UNC Asheville graduates received their diplomas and a challenge to “make a difference.”

  • Homegrown Research: Students Investigate Campus Biodiversity Post date: Tuesday, December 9 Natasha Schwade (left) and Kristin Barton examine exotic invasive plant species found on campus.

    Kristin Barton spent her summer wrenching weeds out of the ground, hacking through tangled overgrowth with machetes, and crawling through thorny shrubs—all while conducting undergraduate research vital to the understanding and preservation of biodiversity on campus.

  • UNC Asheville Honors Graduates with Special Commencement Cords and Stoles Post date: Monday, December 8 Personalized graduation stoles

    UNC Asheville is deeply rooted in tradition and history— especially when it comes to Commencement. Several special ceremonies will be held to honor students graduating this December.

  • Social Entrepreneurship: A Smarter Way to Save the World Post date: Wednesday, December 3 Social Entrepreneurship winning teams and judges

    Social Entrepreneur: A person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change.

    Social Entrepreneurship winning teams and judges

  • Picking a Service-Learning Course at UNC Asheville Post date: Monday, December 1 gleaning for LANG120

    5,400 lbs. of apples, 500 lbs. of cabbage, 500 lbs. of pumpkins and 27,000 words. That’s the sum total of one gleaning trip and a single reflection journal assignment in Jessica Pisano’s three sections of LANG 120 course in fall 2014.

  • Fall 2014 Exam Week Survival Guide Post date: Monday, December 1 Exam Week Survival Guide

    There’s no need to dread exam week this semester. Your university has put together a series of relaxing events to help propel you through the potential challenges of exams. Check out the list below and schedule a little de-stressing time for yourself during exam week—with therapy dogs, free breakfast and a spa day, you might even find yourself looking forward to it.

  • UNC Asheville Recognizes Distinguished Staff with Annual Awards Post date: Tuesday, November 25 NEMAC ForWarn team award

    Each year, UNC Asheville honors numerous staff members for their exemplary service and dedication to UNC Asheville. In 2014, the honorees included 89 employees who reached milestones of five to 30 years – a combined time of 1,410 years, as well as 14 peer-nominated staff members who earned distinguished service awards, including a monetary prize, and in the case of the overall distinguishe