From The Blue Banner--In Bloom: Ramsey library to add local seeds to catalogue

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Resource Management Librarian Barbara Svenson and Library Administrative Assistant Wendy Mullis sort seeds.

by Brooke Randle '18
News Writer, The Blue Banner

photo by Matt Dershowitz '20

Among the rows of books, magazines and computers filling D. Hiden Ramsey Library, students may soon be surprised to find a new resource available for checkout: seeds from local plants grown on campus.

Spearheaded by Resource Management Librarian Barbara Svenson and Library Administrative Assistant Wendy Mullis, the proposed seed library, which aims to open in spring of 2018, will provide students and community members with free access to seeds from plants grown on UNC Asheville’s campus.

Most seed libraries function by providing seeds to library members who then harvest and return the seeds the following season. The Ramsey seed library, Svenson said, will have a no-return policy, meaning students may use seeds without having to bring them back the following year.

“If all the seeds get taken that year, then the next year we replenish and that just lets us avoid the issue of whether the seeds that someone brought back were not what they thought,” Svenson said.

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