A Highsmith Union Celebration—Renovation Style

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Students celebrate at the Highsmith renovation kick off party

UNC Asheville’s Highsmith Union celebrated its upcoming renovation with a special kick-off party on April 13, 2017 – complete with construction-themed treats, games and prizes.

“We’re doing this to get students involved and to get people excited about the renovations,” said Shelby Stovall, a Highsmith Union student employee who was encouraging students to sign blue rocking chairs that will sit on the new student union’s front porch. “We’re making it fun!”

Students and staff clothed in construction hats and safety vests led games of Jenga; “Hammer Schlagen,” where participants raced to see who could drive a nail into a stump first; a demolition game with a rubber wrecking ball and stacks of cardboard boxes waiting to be tumbled; and more. A guessing game with coffee beans celebrated the new coffee lounge slated for the upgraded student union, which will feature a fireplace and a performance space. Students were invited to build their own Lego version of the student union. Outside, students added paint splatters to a mural that will be hung in Highsmith once the renovations are complete.

Special snacks and treats rounded out the construction-themed festivities, with traffic light brownies decorated with M&Ms; paintbrushes made with rice ceral treats, a little blue icing and a popsicle stick for a handle; and a sheet cake complete with a bulldozer and mounds of chocolate “dirt.”

For more information about the renovations to Highsmith Union, visit https://facilities.unca.edu/highsmith-union.