Homecoming & Family Weekend 2017: Back to Class

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Students in class

Admit it: even though you love not having hours of required reading and homework assignments to complete anymore, you really do miss your college classes. The exchange of ideas, the chance to look at something in a way you’d never considered before, the opportunity to totally geek-out over a subject you love and know everyone else in the room shares your passion—it’s special, and it’s hard to find once you leave college.

This year’s Homecoming & Family Weekend is your chance to relive your classroom experience at UNC Asheville. A dozen or so great UNC Asheville faculty members will be offering special “Back to Class” sessions on Saturday, Sept. 23 on everything from Honeybees and Humans to Ancient Greek. So now there’s just one question left: how will you ever chose which class to attend?

Angel Kaur, assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies: Neuroscience in Popular Culture

Jeff Shields, assistant professor of management: Accounting, Business and Sustainability

Irene Rossell, chair and professor of environmental studies: Wildcrafting

Regine Criser, assistant professor of German: Failing Forward

Sophie Mills, professor of Classics: Ancient Greek

Cathy Whitlock, senior lecturer in mathematics: Honeybees and Humans

Elena Adell, chair and associate professor, modern languages and literatures: Spanish for Advanced Beginners

Evan Couzo, assistant professor of education: Why You Shouldn’t “Believe” in Climate Change

Keya Maitra, chair and professor of philosophy: Philosophy of Science

Evan Gurney, assistant professor of English: Literary Asheville

For the full Homecoming and Family Weekend schedule, visit hfw.unca.edu. We’ll see you there, Bulldogs!