3.14--A Race for Pi at UNC Asheville

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Pi run 2017

Updated March 10, 2017: Visit unca.edu/pi-run to check status of the run in case of inclement weather. If there is rain or light snow, the race will happen as scheduled. If there is lighting or significant snowfall, the race will be postponed until March 19. A call will be made by noon on Sunday and an email announcement sent to all registrants in the event of cancellation.


UNC Asheville will host a Pi Run/Walk on Sunday, March 12, in honor of the upcoming Pi Day (3/14) and to celebrate all things mathematical. Competitive runners and community members are invited to the outdoor Straus Track at UNC Asheville to test their one-mile time or complete a Pi distance (3.14 miles) fun run/walk. The first one-mile run starts at Pi time, 3:14 p.m.

“This inaugural Pi Run at UNC Asheville brings together all of the ingredients for family-friendly afternoon,” said Stacey Millett, executive director of community engagement and the N.C. Center for Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville. “Everyone is invited to come to campus for a few laps around the track – 12 and a half laps to be precise – at their own pace, and for runners who want a test of their speed, we’ll offer a timed mile.”

For all the details, including how to register, read the press release