Student Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

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Student Sculpture installation

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few new works of art springing up around campus—a family of wire figures making their way across the Quad, for example, or a giant wheel sitting at the entrance to parking lot P9. The sculptures are part of a series of site-specific and site-responsive sculpture projects completed by seven students in the Sculpture II class.

The installations will remain on campus through May 15. Take a break from studying for exams and use the map below to explore the familiar UNC Asheville campus with new eyes.

  • Amelia PateUntitled – Twelve cylindrical sculptural weavings composed of wool, cotton, linen, ramie, goose feathers and horsehair are suspended in the lobby of Zageir Hall.
  • Cassandra HogeLinger – An abstracted figure constructed from numerous layers of plywood sits on the breezeway ledge at the end of the P4 parking deck, adjacent to South Ridge Hall.
  • Maleah WeirFinding Home – A family of three constructed of wire and found clothing appear to be crossing the quad lawn between Ramsey Library and Phillips Hall.
  • Jeb HedgecockTaking Ground – A six-foot diameter wheel-like form sits at the entrance of the Sherrill Center P9 parking deck as if the central tire had collected the road from which it arrived.
  • Nathan LasalaMossy Lines – Meandering lines of moss grow on a large boulder visible from the sidewalk between Zageir Hall and the P12 parking lot.
  • Tia KuhnsThe School in the Sky – A hot air balloon shaped by countless origami fish is suspended inside the gazebo of Tennent Park between Carmichael and Zeis Halls.
  • Sara BurtonFree the Nips – Dozens of ceramic vessel forms rest underneath a storm grate visible from the sidewalk between Humanities Lecture Hall and Pollinator Garden.

For more information, visit the Department of Art website