Students Connect with On-campus Jobs through RockyLink

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UNC Asheville's Career Center

UNC Asheville has a wide range of on-campus jobs for enrolled and degree-seeking students, with positions in departments across campus. Students can find these on-campus employment opportunities through RockyLink, UNC Asheville’s online job search tool. 

“We have launched a new version of RockyLink in June, which allows departments to manage their own job postings and provides students with the opportunity to see the many different positions available. We hope more students have a chance for on-campus employment,” said Marlane Mowitz, director of the Career Center.

Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and up to 40 hours per week during semester breaks. Depending on the job skills requirement, starting wages range from $7.25 to $10.00 per hour, as recommended by the Career Center.

“Studies indicate that an inverse relationship exists between GPA and hours worked once students exceed 20 hours per week,” said Josh Cavenaugh, payroll manager. “We are encouraging students to enhance their academic experience with employment, but to manage their time wisely.”

UNC Asheville also participates in Federal Work Study (FWS), a federally funded financial aid employment program. Students who are awarded FWS funds, which must be earned through part time employment, will be notified of their allocation as part of their financial aid award. Once the award is accepted, students have the responsibility to be hired by a department. Federal Work Study jobs that are on RockyLink will have "FWS" in the title. 

Once students have been hired for Federal Work Study or any other on-campus position, they must complete a Student Employment Contract with their supervisor. This contract is the driver of a student’s payment and must be completed each academic year and for summer breaks. All Student Employment Contracts are to be routed to the Student Payroll Coordinator in PHI115A.

Returning students who have been employed on campus previously will only need to fill out a new contract and update their tax status and bank account information if the details have changed.  All new student employees are required to complete a contract, payroll forms (W-4, NC-4EZ, and Direct Deposit Enrollment Form) and the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, which requires unexpired, original supporting documents to complete; the most common documents are a valid passport, picture ID with a Social Security Card, or a picture ID with a birth certificate.

To begin your job search and start up you future, visit the Career Center online or in-person in Highsmith 259.