TEDxUNCAsheville Returns with "Love, Music, and Other Drugs"

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TEDx Project X art

TEDxUNCAsheville, a day of engaging and thought-provoking presentations based on the popular TED Talks, returns on Saturday, March 3 with a brand new theme: “Love, Music, and Other Drugs.”

“We’re really looking at both passion and recovery, and how those two things play into different aspects of our lives,” said Taylor Beyrer, a psychology major with minors in mass communication and management, and TEDxUNCAsheville president. “Whether that be in music or relationships, or really anything.”

This year’s presenters include a certified music practitioner, a dance instructor, a movement expert, an ethologist, and others—including UNC Asheville students and faculty.

“I have to say one of my personal favorite talks though is our student speaker, Forest Gamble; he is awesome,” Beyrer said. “His talk is about propaganda and how we use propaganda in our society. It’s absolutely fascinating.”

Though advance tickets are sold out, UNC Asheville students are encouraged to show up for the “student rush,” beginning at check-in between 8:30 – 9 a.m., when tickets will be distributed to One Card holders on a first-come, first-served basis, until the event reaches capacity.

Another new feature of the event this year is a crowd-sourced decorated set.

“We cut out 150 foam Xs, and we’re distributing them to the community,” Beyrer said. “It’s called Project X, and people are decorating them and then sending them back to us, and then we’re going to string them up at our event.”

Groups from UNC Asheville, Asheville High School, and the Asheville Area Arts Council have all contributed uniquely decorated Xs for the set.

For her own part, Beyrer is finding many connections between her studies in business and her experience leading TEDxUNC Asheville.

“I think TEDx gives me not only the greatest resume point, but the greatest learning experience I could ever ask for,” she said. “I learn about concepts in psychology and management in mass communication, and I see my event in them. I see, how do you market a program? How do you manage a group of people? How do you work on group dynamics and how does that effect your outcome? I learn about these things in class, and then at 7 o’clock every Monday night I get to do them with my team. And it’s been incredible.”

For more information about TEDxUNCAsheville, visit http://www.tedxuncasheville.org/.