N.C. Center for Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville Selected for National Council on Aging Program


The North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville (NCCHW) has been selected as one of 10 organizations nationally to participate in the year-long Network Development Learning Collaborative supported by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Participation in the learning collaborative will support NCCHW’s efforts to serve as a center of evidence-based healthy-aging programming and form a network hub of local organizations and health care providers.

“This national learning collaborative will provide invaluable guidance from experts at the NCOA as we work to coordinate, support and strengthen evidence-based healthy aging programs,” said Stacey Millett, executive director of community engagement and the NCCHW at UNC Asheville. “Our first focus for the coming year will be the clinical-community integration of organizations and providers here in WNC.”

NCCHW’s Healthy Aging NC resource center now provides information about programs across the state related to falls prevention and chronic disease self-management, and provides support for programs through data collection and evaluation. “Through the network development learning collaborative, NCCHW will bring in more partners and take the network hub to the next level,” said Millett.

According to the NCOA, there are many benefits of collaborative networks among community organizations supporting healthy aging, including reaching more diverse consumers and populations, building stronger administrative structures, capitalizing on economies of scale, offering one-stop contracting for multiple services, and expanding quality improvement initiatives.

The NCOA’s Network Development Learning Collaborative has a 12-month timeline, from April 2017 until March 2018. In addition to the NCCHW, the nine organizations selected to participate include universities, community organizations and state health departments in Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Vermont and Wisconsin.

For more information about the Network Development Learning Collaborative, visit ncoa.org, and for more information about NCCHW’s Healthy Aging NC initiatives, visit healthyagingnc.com.