How to Use the UNC Asheville News Center

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Welcome to the UNC Asheville News Center, where you’ll find the latest university news, events and announcements all in one place online. Check back daily to discover what’s happening in classes, on campus and in the community, and share your news by suggesting a story or submitting an announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find on the UNC Asheville News Center?

The UNC Asheville News Center features stories about the campus community, from academic achievements to upcoming events that you won’t want to miss. On this single page, you can find recent news updated each day, featured videos and photos, and announcements from departments across the university. It’s your daily source of news and information, and it is viewable on your smart phone, table or desktop computer.

You can bookmark the page to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at UNC Asheville or subscribe to the News Center to have information delivered to your inbox. If we’ve missed a story or if there’s other content that you want to see, there’s an easy on-line form to use for submissions. This is a campus-wide News Center, so all faculty, staff, students, alumni or friends of the university can share a story idea or announcement.

The News Center is the central venue for sharing UNC Asheville news with various audiences, including external media. Many of the items once labeled "press releases" or "news releases" are now presented as stories aimed at multiple audiences. We encourage external media to follow the News Center feeds or subscribe to email alerts to get the latest information. The News Center is produced and staffed by the university’s Communication and Marketing team.

How do I find news, events and announcements and where do these originate?

You’ll see fresh feature stories written by News Center staff front and center. UNC Asheville news releases will be displayed with most recent at the top. Events will feed into the News Center from the Master Calendar, and News Center staff will select two “featured” events of high campus interest for the top of the list. Announcements from all over campus will be displayed with most recently posted on top. To find more news and events, use the search box at the top of the page or scroll through the most recent posts on the page.

How do I add my announcement to the News Center?

Announcements are submitted by members of the campus community, arranged by the date the announcement is posted (not by event date), and are moderated. Depending on the number of announcements submitted at any time, your post might appear for several hours or several days.

Use the site-wide contact form to submit your announcements. You’ll want to have the following details ready:

  • Subject or headline
  • Event date, time and location
  • Who can attend? (Students only? Campus community? The public?)
  • Is there advance registration or an admission charge?
  • What group(s) are sponsoring?
  • A URL and/or contact for more information

When submitting your story idea, please follow these best practices:

  • Headlines should not exceed 60 characters, including spaces.
  • Place essential information near the top.
  • Keep it short and simple, with a link to more information.

The announcements section also is the best place to detail upcoming deadlines, request information or volunteers for projects and events, and remind the campus community of policies and resources. Faculty, staff and students can submit announcements for any department or student organization that they are affiliated with, but posts are for official campus business only, not personal posts. Keep in mind that all sections of the News Center, including announcements, are visible to external audiences, so only public items should be shared. This is NOT a section where you can post items for sale, opinions, commentary or links to interesting article - those things belong on the Forum.

How do I suggest a story idea?

Featured and recent news stories are developed by the Office of Communication and Marketing. To share your story, use the site-wide contact form. We will contact you for more information.

My news, event or announcement doesn’t appear on the page - how can I submit the information to the News Center?

Events are displayed in the News Center in chronological order, directly from the university’s master calendar. Make sure your event is entered on the Master Calendar first, before contacting the News Center staff.

Designate your submission as an announcement to post information relating to your event, such as a call for volunteers, a reminder about a special reception or details about hashtags and other promotions. Designate your submission as a story idea to request a news release or feature story about your event.

Please keep in mind that recent news articles are posted and distributed to maximize promotion and publicity for the event. Communication and Marketing requests at least 10 days advance notice on any news story requests. News stories with engaging photos are featured on the News Center. The timeliness of the story is the determining factor of its publication, with every effort made to show a range of activities on campus and in the community. Announcements are campus community-submitted posts, moderated by Communication and Marketing, that appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post at the top of the list and a full list available by clicking on the link to read more.

I still have questions about the News Center. Whom should I contact?

Contact the Office of Communication and Marketing at We’ll be happy to answer your questions about the News Center and learn more about your story ideas.