3.14--A Race for Pi at UNC Asheville

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Pi run 2017

UNC Asheville will host a Pi Run/Walk on Sunday, March 12, in honor of the upcoming Pi Day (3/14) and to celebrate all things mathematical. Competitive runners and community members are invited to the outdoor Straus Track at UNC Asheville to test their one-mile time or complete a Pi distance (3.14 miles) fun run/walk. The first one-mile run starts at Pi time, 3:14 p.m.

“This inaugural Pi Run at UNC Asheville brings together all of the ingredients for family-friendly afternoon,” said Stacey Millett, executive director of community engagement and the N.C. Center for Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville. “Everyone is invited to come to campus for a few laps around the track – 12 and a half laps to be precise – at their own pace, and for runners who want a test of their speed, we’ll offer a timed mile.”

For all the details, including how to register, read the press release